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Are We Independent?

Today the United States of America celebrates its effective 236th birthday when it declared independence from the British Crown. But how much has changed in the problem that created the need for the Declaration of Independence in the first place? Let’s look at the problem the Colonists faced back then… Before the Colonies declared Independence … Continue reading

Brief Passages

The mark of a true artist is the wonder established looking at their own creation and deeming it good regardless of popular approval. Sports is a manufactured and sanitized form of gladiator contests. Film also serves that purpose in action and horror genres. Life becomes a series of morality plays but rather than learn the … Continue reading

Instagram Idolatry and the “New” Church

In the film Blade Runner the anti-hero Deckard, whose job it is to “retire” or destroy human-like androids called “replicants,” is faced with an odd dilemma. Using a test to provoke responses and reactions in the subject Deckard tests someone who he believes is human at first. After a lengthy test he determines that the … Continue reading

Rape is Not a Popularity Contest

As the verdict of Jerry Sandusky came down I could feel the swell of enthusiasm from the mobs outside of the courtroom and all over the nation. With vocal and visible gestures of glee the commentary was almost immediate. Since Jerry Sandusky raped boys who were under his care, justice means that he will be … Continue reading

Strange Images: Sex Pigs

Occasionally I am going to post some of the odd images I see in the world through sociologist eyes. I saw this one on a door next to a men’s restroom at a restaurant: I stood looking at this to figure out what it meant. The obvious is that it riffs on the idea that … Continue reading

Fear Kills the Property Addict

Multiple forms of fear fuel the behavior of an alcoholic. The alcoholic is driven by fear-fueled self-centeredness. Once needed protective measures in the human psyche go out of control. Such a self-centered and rigidly self-protective mind becomes overly stressed and anxious. That’s when the mental obsession to drink ferociously kicks in. Alcoholism makes a mess … Continue reading

Churches Need to Fail

I am guilty of it. I sometimes get so excited and ride such emotional highs that I want to do everything at once. I hear a topic that interests me or see a book looks great and I’m hooked. I start thinking I’ve got the next great idea stewing. What I’ve really got is lack … Continue reading

What is the Deal with Crosswalks?

Entropy: the randomness of particles in a thermodynamic system. When we walk on sidewalks there’s an unspoken order to things. Stay on the right, stay in line, don’t walk in between two people (especially lovers or a bunch of bad looking dudes), don’t stare at people you pass, and don’t drop your gum…well at least … Continue reading

Reclaiming “Whatever”

“Whatever” is annoying. It’s as annoying as “fuckit” and “who cares.” It bothers me like “you don’t matter anyway” and “shut up.” “Whatever” is all of these things and none of them. It’s a passive-aggressive way to dismiss something said or done by someone else – or that person entirely. It’s an inherently selfish term … Continue reading

Militant Christianists are All Over the USA

Simple scenario: Private developer puts crosses on a public university tower as part of the design. Professor registers a complaint that the crosses be removed sue to separation of church and state concerns. University agrees to remove crosses and life goes on normally for everyone. Right? Wrong. As the debate played out over church-state issues, … Continue reading