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Peace Just Doesn’t Feel Good

I used to associate peace with this unattainable, serene emotion. Peace was this blissful state of euphoria where a sort of union with some mystical reality would happen. I’ve never done any hallucinogenic drugs, but peace this way reminds me of a scene from Gaspar NoĆ©’s film Enter the Void which takes you through a … Continue reading

Let the Lost Opportunity Go

An opportunity is often just a quick moment in time. The right time, with the right people, with the right circumstance and enough attentiveness can get us to a place of personal fulfillment we can’t dream up. As time continues to move, so do opportunities. They pass like the spikes of heartbeats on a heart … Continue reading

Reclaiming “Whatever”

“Whatever” is annoying. It’s as annoying as “fuckit” and “who cares.” It bothers me like “you don’t matter anyway” and “shut up.” “Whatever” is all of these things and none of them. It’s a passive-aggressive way to dismiss something said or done by someone else – or that person entirely. It’s an inherently selfish term … Continue reading