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My Failure, My Consequence

As I look back on my life I can’t help but see how many frayed and tattered ends there are. Each strand represents a weakness – something that broke away from the binding of what is supposed to hold me together. I once had the eyes of an idealist. I could see possibilities in front … Continue reading

Get Off the Pity-Pot George!

When one of us is insulted or vexed by another, he must not get angry. When one of us is asked for pardon by his brother, he must not be puffed up. If we are not willing thus to live together it is better for each of us to depart to whatever place he wishes. … Continue reading

What is the Deal with Crosswalks?

Entropy: the randomness of particles in a thermodynamic system. When we walk on sidewalks there’s an unspoken order to things. Stay on the right, stay in line, don’t walk in between two people (especially lovers or a bunch of bad looking dudes), don’t stare at people you pass, and don’t drop your gum…well at least … Continue reading