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I Quoted MLK, Now I Feel Better

I like a good inspirational quote. It comes from a wise voice often from ages ago. It gives a pause for reflection and even a chance to do something differently during the day. The problem is that too often my own inclination is to hear the quote, go “Hmmmm…” and then carry on as if … Continue reading

My Failure, My Consequence

As I look back on my life I can’t help but see how many frayed and tattered ends there are. Each strand represents a weakness – something that broke away from the binding of what is supposed to hold me together. I once had the eyes of an idealist. I could see possibilities in front … Continue reading

Hey Sicky, Stop Being a Victim!

There’s a pill for everything. From headaches and joint pain to hard-on dysfunctions and feeling low we got the chemicals for you! Not to say meds aren’t important. Sometimes they are necessary for many illnesses. But we can’t find total wellness in a pill bottle. Wellness is ultimately a choice. Pills mostly deal with symptoms … Continue reading

What’s a White, Privileged Male To Do?

Maybe many of us feel the need to get involved with causes and speak out loudly just to pad our own self-importance. Is it possible that even with good intentions we step on others’ toes? What if doing what I think is the right thing causes the silence of others in the midst of their … Continue reading

Get Off the Pity-Pot George!

When one of us is insulted or vexed by another, he must not get angry. When one of us is asked for pardon by his brother, he must not be puffed up. If we are not willing thus to live together it is better for each of us to depart to whatever place he wishes. … Continue reading