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Uncovering a Religious Resentment

The bi-annual General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) just came to a close. This is the big meeting where this particular church gathers representatives from across the country and world to make decisions for their organization in terms of polity, theology, ethics, and so forth. It was an often heated and arduous week of … Continue reading

Brief Passages

The mark of a true artist is the wonder established looking at their own creation and deeming it good regardless of popular approval. Sports is a manufactured and sanitized form of gladiator contests. Film also serves that purpose in action and horror genres. Life becomes a series of morality plays but rather than learn the … Continue reading

Snake Handlers: Can Religion Be An Addiction?

Scott Bailey discusses the stupidity of belief when it clearly puts us in harm’s way as it did. Case in point: A preacher who died while handling serpents in the same way his father died – from a snakebite. (T)o remain this willfully ignorant and stupid is simply stunning… to pretend that you can do … Continue reading

Militant Christianists are All Over the USA

Simple scenario: Private developer puts crosses on a public university tower as part of the design. Professor registers a complaint that the crosses be removed sue to separation of church and state concerns. University agrees to remove crosses and life goes on normally for everyone. Right? Wrong. As the debate played out over church-state issues, … Continue reading

From Slut Walk to Hijab: Expressions of Feminism

What does it mean to be a feminist? That question alone has seemed to fill more volumes and articles than trees available to produce paper in some parts of the world. For some it is the ability to express and even flaunt the female figure, for others it is equal pay in society, and for … Continue reading

Hasidic Jews Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

Religion can be very disturbing. When clear violations against the justice and love that God demands within the community as witnessed all throughout the Hebrew Scriptures, a community must change. This is the case for Hasidic Jews as well. Their communities, headed by dynastic leaders called rebbes, strive to preserve their centuries-old customs by resisting … Continue reading

Overcoming Egoism: On the Sunday of the Paralytic Man

Alexander Schmemann’s words speak powerfully and succinctly to perhaps the greatest problem we as human beings face. Unknown to us…we no longer feel suffocated by this world so totally drunk on all-consuming ego. We have become accustomed to blood, hatred, violence and, at best, indifference. So much of what the Church Fathers teach is about … Continue reading

Marriage Has Not Always Been This Way

The principles of liberty and toleration prohibit the use of specific religious mandates to write law. This is a simple lesson from the First Amendment. Whether one group agrees or disagrees with another group’s view is irrelevant. To say that inter-racial, same-sex marriage, or apparently civil unions in North Carolina are not prohibited due to … Continue reading