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Stuck Between a Liberal and a Conservative

Every social setting or ideology has its own rules. For the current media portrayal of the conservative the rules seem clear. If you are a conservative you are for small government, care about religion, look for the legal denial of any form of marriage other than that of a man and a woman, care about … Continue reading

Are We Independent?

Today the United States of America celebrates its effective 236th birthday when it declared independence from the British Crown. But how much has changed in the problem that created the need for the Declaration of Independence in the first place? Let’s look at the problem the Colonists faced back then… Before the Colonies declared Independence … Continue reading

Brief Passages

The mark of a true artist is the wonder established looking at their own creation and deeming it good regardless of popular approval. Sports is a manufactured and sanitized form of gladiator contests. Film also serves that purpose in action and horror genres. Life becomes a series of morality plays but rather than learn the … Continue reading

Fear Kills the Property Addict

Multiple forms of fear fuel the behavior of an alcoholic. The alcoholic is driven by fear-fueled self-centeredness. Once needed protective measures in the human psyche go out of control. Such a self-centered and rigidly self-protective mind becomes overly stressed and anxious. That’s when the mental obsession to drink ferociously kicks in. Alcoholism makes a mess … Continue reading

Memorial Day and the Sin of Gluttony

We the people of the USA enjoy our parades, carnivals, and celebrations. Any event where we can squeeze in time to share with friends and consume lots of food and libations is not only enjoyed but sought after. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, or the Superbowl chips and salsa as well as meat … Continue reading

Absurd Consumerism in a Bottle

“Are we good on water?” “Yeah, we’re good.” It was one of those conversations at the grocery store that seemed really strange to me. I wondered, How much bottled water do we consume every year? It always seemed odd to me that the US would consume so much bottled water when EPA regulated water from … Continue reading

Marriage Has Not Always Been This Way

The principles of liberty and toleration prohibit the use of specific religious mandates to write law. This is a simple lesson from the First Amendment. Whether one group agrees or disagrees with another group’s view is irrelevant. To say that inter-racial, same-sex marriage, or apparently civil unions in North Carolina are not prohibited due to … Continue reading