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Brief Passages

The mark of a true artist is the wonder established looking at their own creation and deeming it good regardless of popular approval. Sports is a manufactured and sanitized form of gladiator contests. Film also serves that purpose in action and horror genres. Life becomes a series of morality plays but rather than learn the … Continue reading

Developing a Practical Philosophy of Life

What is a practical philosophy of life? Each one of us has a certain wisdom on which we depend to make decisions and act in the world. We come into the world through different cultures, ethnicities, religions, family backgrounds, and traditions. These all have an impact on who we think we are and how we … Continue reading

Why We Need Liberal Arts

Grasping complexity — embracing it — is a critical capacity to be learned earlier rather than later in life. Liberal arts colleges should do all in their power to encourage students to avoid the polarized thinking that is, sad to say, becoming the standard of our day. Increasing the Value of a Liberal Education – … Continue reading