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Parenting Without Passion

One of the principles of prayer is to recognize thoughts, emotions, and ideas to which we are attached and then let them go. As the Orthodox Cherubic hymn says, “Let us lay aside all earthly care.” The early church fathers and the monks and mystics through the ages have a similar term for this called … Continue reading

In Between Suffering and Faith

The answer to the question, “Why am I even here, what is my purpose in life?” is “You’re already doing it.” The Buddha and the early Christian elders have something in common: they believed that clinging to a present state of the world and not letting it go caused suffering. They all had an innate … Continue reading

A Letter to the Father He Never Knew

I read a very powerful letter from a son to his father. His father left him when he was three, and then died of drug addiction when he was twelve. Dear Dad, I know you’ve been waiting a long time for a father’s day present from me. To be completely honest, I never really knew … Continue reading

The Dog Escapee and the The Kindness of Strangers

Friday night I took the kids to the grocery store to do what we normally do: get a few things for the weekend and get a DVD to watch. I always have Daria the Black Lab in the passenger’s seat. Simple and consistent routine. Friday it got complicated. As the kids were exiting the car, … Continue reading

The Spiritual Discipline of Raising Kids

Another of Simone Weil’s incisive thoughts is her notion of attention. She uses mathematics as an example of how we can train ourselves in spiritual discipline. Math requires a solution that is objective. I have to focus on solving a problem that sits outside of my feelings and perceptions. It’s more of a discipline to … Continue reading

Fear and Anger: What a Pair

Whenever I think of anger I have thought of Edvard Munch’s famous “The Scream.” Something happened along the way called “Home Alone” that basically ruined its mysterious and spectral quality for me. How? Here, let me ruin it for you too: Home Alone raked in a whopping $476,684,675 worldwide at the box office. The Scream … Continue reading

Beauty and Consequence

Last night my two boys (7 & 5) got into a fight over a matchbox-sized car while I stepped away from them for all of two minutes. It was at the end of the day and they were tired. Personal ownership of items is so wrapped up in identity at these ages that taking things … Continue reading