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Parenting Without Passion

One of the principles of prayer is to recognize thoughts, emotions, and ideas to which we are attached and then let them go. As the Orthodox Cherubic hymn says, “Let us lay aside all earthly care.” The early church fathers and the monks and mystics through the ages have a similar term for this called … Continue reading

The Day I Wanted to Die, The Day I Was Reborn

I sat on the front porch. A sobbing mess, drunk on boxed wine and shame. It was a perfectly clear and cold winter night. Every star was clear in the canopy of darkness. Little points of light by which hundreds of thousands of sailors needed just to live out on the sea. They depended on … Continue reading

All Things Orthodox and Theology Are Moving

I am moving most of the religion content to a new blog at Patheos. It is called Emerging into Orthodoxy. I will be talking about my journey from Catholic to Protestant to Orthodox there. Here is a sample of what I have there already: Emergent Christianity, as I understand it, is a movement seeking an … Continue reading

From Doubt to Mystery: Answering a Question for Peter Rollins

For about a decade I understood that doubt and faith go together. That is to say, faith should be a questioning and critical self-reflective exercise rather than walking blindly in total trust. I doubted everything. Faith was a fully intellectual exercise and very safe because it was an object. Faith didn’t require any self-examination. But … Continue reading

Happiness is Simple

Regard as free not those whose statues makes them outwardly free, but those who are free in their character and conduct. For we should not call men in authority truly free when they are wicked for dissolute, since they are slaves to worldly passions. Freedom and happiness of soul consist in genuine purity and detachment … Continue reading

Overcoming Egoism: On the Sunday of the Paralytic Man

Alexander Schmemann’s words speak powerfully and succinctly to perhaps the greatest problem we as human beings face. Unknown to us…we no longer feel suffocated by this world so totally drunk on all-consuming ego. We have become accustomed to blood, hatred, violence and, at best, indifference. So much of what the Church Fathers teach is about … Continue reading

Fasting Isn’t Necessary Anymore…Right?

Consider this statement from St. John Chrysostom: It is necessary most of all for one who is fasting to curb anger, to accustom himself to meekness and condescension, to have a contrite heart, to repulse impure thoughts and desires, to examine his conscience, to put his mind to the test and to verify what good … Continue reading

Death Hath No Sting

I used to think that sin was something that so wrecked my spiritual condition that I was born damned to hell. It was like life was this balance beam and on either side was a wall of razor blades. Just like in the original Tales from the Crypt there was a hungry dog waiting for … Continue reading