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Stuck Between a Liberal and a Conservative

Every social setting or ideology has its own rules. For the current media portrayal of the conservative the rules seem clear. If you are a conservative you are for small government, care about religion, look for the legal denial of any form of marriage other than that of a man and a woman, care about … Continue reading

Greatness Isn’t Entertainment

Most of us probably don’t give a damn about being great. Rather be aspire to something great – to do what we are doing now better than the day before, to become something greater, to go where only our imagination can take us – most of us sit around waiting for the world to entertain … Continue reading

Uncovering a Religious Resentment

The bi-annual General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) just came to a close. This is the big meeting where this particular church gathers representatives from across the country and world to make decisions for their organization in terms of polity, theology, ethics, and so forth. It was an often heated and arduous week of … Continue reading


I always thought I needed to forgive myself before I could forgive others. But I didn’t know how to forgive myself until I received the forgiveness of others. The formula is really simple. If I don’t know what forgiveness means or I don’t know how to practice it, I need help. But from where or … Continue reading