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Education: The Indentured Servant

Education is fundamentally about developing the mind to improve the human condition. It’s not about serving the the job market even though employment is important and even necessary. This is about changing the job market. This is an issue of values. Does the movement of money dictate the values of our society or does the … Continue reading

Militant Christianists are All Over the USA

Simple scenario: Private developer puts crosses on a public university tower as part of the design. Professor registers a complaint that the crosses be removed sue to separation of church and state concerns. University agrees to remove crosses and life goes on normally for everyone. Right? Wrong. As the debate played out over church-state issues, … Continue reading

Let Them Fail

Life can often get out of control and unmanageable beyond our circumstances. Even when it does and tragedy strikes, personal responsibility never changes. There are consequences for things that we wither participated in creating or are just part of the social environments in which we find ourselves. Consequences sometimes suck. Be that as it may, … Continue reading

Why We Need Liberal Arts

Grasping complexity — embracing it — is a critical capacity to be learned earlier rather than later in life. Liberal arts colleges should do all in their power to encourage students to avoid the polarized thinking that is, sad to say, becoming the standard of our day. Increasing the Value of a Liberal Education – … Continue reading