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My Failure, My Consequence

As I look back on my life I can’t help but see how many frayed and tattered ends there are. Each strand represents a weakness – something that broke away from the binding of what is supposed to hold me together. I once had the eyes of an idealist. I could see possibilities in front … Continue reading

Re-sent, Re-felt, Re-turned

There is often a need to return to a deep memory or experience to help us let go of something painful. We return to graves to feel the presence of a lost loved one. The feeling of loss is like a painful hole in our deepest core of whatever it is that makes us feel … Continue reading

Peace Just Doesn’t Feel Good

I used to associate peace with this unattainable, serene emotion. Peace was this blissful state of euphoria where a sort of union with some mystical reality would happen. I’ve never done any hallucinogenic drugs, but peace this way reminds me of a scene from Gaspar NoĆ©’s film Enter the Void which takes you through a … Continue reading