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Resolutions Create Fear

So the new year is in full swing. 2013: New Beginnings. How are those resolutions going? Still going to the gym to lose 20 pounds for when it’s time to hit the beach? Are you drinking less, eating better, saving money? How long do you think these changed behaviors will last if you actually started … Continue reading

Defeating Loneliness

Human beings often make assumptions on a very primitive level in order to defend ourselves. Our brains are designed to warn us when our bodies are in danger. However, when our food is in good supply, our climate controlled enclosures engineer our living spaces from the natural environment, we are vaccinated from disease, and we … Continue reading

Fear and Anger: What a Pair

Whenever I think of anger I have thought of Edvard Munch’s famous “The Scream.” Something happened along the way called “Home Alone” that basically ruined its mysterious and spectral quality for me. How? Here, let me ruin it for you too: Home Alone raked in a whopping $476,684,675 worldwide at the box office. The Scream … Continue reading