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The Dog Escapee and the The Kindness of Strangers

Friday night I took the kids to the grocery store to do what we normally do: get a few things for the weekend and get a DVD to watch. I always have Daria the Black Lab in the passenger’s seat. Simple and consistent routine. Friday it got complicated. As the kids were exiting the car, … Continue reading

What is the Deal with Crosswalks?

Entropy: the randomness of particles in a thermodynamic system. When we walk on sidewalks there’s an unspoken order to things. Stay on the right, stay in line, don’t walk in between two people (especially lovers or a bunch of bad looking dudes), don’t stare at people you pass, and don’t drop your gum…well at least … Continue reading

Is Charity Even Possible?

While Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, and Kenneth Copeland and others fill our minds with feel good self-esteem and reaping God’s riches, the truth of reality is a bit tougher to swallow. In the Philokalia, Evagrios the Solitary is speaking to those which desire the monastic life. However, his words should be heeded by … Continue reading