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A Letter to the Father He Never Knew

I read a very powerful letter from a son to his father. His father left him when he was three, and then died of drug addiction when he was twelve. Dear Dad, I know you’ve been waiting a long time for a father’s day present from me. To be completely honest, I never really knew … Continue reading

Snake Handlers: Can Religion Be An Addiction?

Scott Bailey discusses the stupidity of belief when it clearly puts us in harm’s way as it did. Case in point: A preacher who died while handling serpents in the same way his father died – from a snakebite. (T)o remain this willfully ignorant and stupid is simply stunning… to pretend that you can do … Continue reading

Fear Kills the Property Addict

Multiple forms of fear fuel the behavior of an alcoholic. The alcoholic is driven by fear-fueled self-centeredness. Once needed protective measures in the human psyche go out of control. Such a self-centered and rigidly self-protective mind becomes overly stressed and anxious. That’s when the mental obsession to drink ferociously kicks in. Alcoholism makes a mess … Continue reading