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Getting Back

I am getting back to writing a little more. I took a hiatus to work on a dissertation which I completed. I am currently in the process of going through the various twists and turns to completion. I found the beginnings of something that I started back in July. It’s so interesting going back almost … Continue reading

Uncovering a Religious Resentment

The bi-annual General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) just came to a close. This is the big meeting where this particular church gathers representatives from across the country and world to make decisions for their organization in terms of polity, theology, ethics, and so forth. It was an often heated and arduous week of … Continue reading

My Failure, My Consequence

As I look back on my life I can’t help but see how many frayed and tattered ends there are. Each strand represents a weakness – something that broke away from the binding of what is supposed to hold me together. I once had the eyes of an idealist. I could see possibilities in front … Continue reading

Life as a Tapestry of Joy and Pain

When we reflect on the abuses that we either have inherited or that we have directly experienced, we often enter into a cycle of denial. Tucking the pain back in the deep recesses of our mind we try to forget. Maybe there is a place in the mind where all of our problems will just … Continue reading


I always thought I needed to forgive myself before I could forgive others. But I didn’t know how to forgive myself until I received the forgiveness of others. The formula is really simple. If I don’t know what forgiveness means or I don’t know how to practice it, I need help. But from where or … Continue reading

Re-sent, Re-felt, Re-turned

There is often a need to return to a deep memory or experience to help us let go of something painful. We return to graves to feel the presence of a lost loved one. The feeling of loss is like a painful hole in our deepest core of whatever it is that makes us feel … Continue reading

Better Than, Worse Than

Comparing ourselves to others is what is called a cognitive distortion. This is when our perception of something in our experience gets bent out of shape by our memory of a similar event in our thinking. It’s a distortion because it’s an inaccurate recollection of something making our present experience of something inaccurate as well. … Continue reading

Peace Just Doesn’t Feel Good

I used to associate peace with this unattainable, serene emotion. Peace was this blissful state of euphoria where a sort of union with some mystical reality would happen. I’ve never done any hallucinogenic drugs, but peace this way reminds me of a scene from Gaspar NoĆ©’s film Enter the Void which takes you through a … Continue reading

Let the Lost Opportunity Go

An opportunity is often just a quick moment in time. The right time, with the right people, with the right circumstance and enough attentiveness can get us to a place of personal fulfillment we can’t dream up. As time continues to move, so do opportunities. They pass like the spikes of heartbeats on a heart … Continue reading

Reclaiming “Whatever”

“Whatever” is annoying. It’s as annoying as “fuckit” and “who cares.” It bothers me like “you don’t matter anyway” and “shut up.” “Whatever” is all of these things and none of them. It’s a passive-aggressive way to dismiss something said or done by someone else – or that person entirely. It’s an inherently selfish term … Continue reading