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Secularization, critical pedagogy, sometimes agnostic, politics, and a ton of running. Penn State is definitely not responsible for what I say.
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Stuck Between a Liberal and a Conservative

Every social setting or ideology has its own rules. For the current media portrayal of the conservative the rules seem clear. If you are a conservative you are for small government, care about religion, look for the legal denial of any form of marriage other than that of a man and a woman, care about … Continue reading

Greatness Isn’t Entertainment

Most of us probably don’t give a damn about being great. Rather be aspire to something great – to do what we are doing now better than the day before, to become something greater, to go where only our imagination can take us – most of us sit around waiting for the world to entertain … Continue reading

Education: The Indentured Servant

Education is fundamentally about developing the mind to improve the human condition. It’s not about serving the the job market even though employment is important and even necessary. This is about changing the job market. This is an issue of values. Does the movement of money dictate the values of our society or does the … Continue reading

Polishing Stars

The first time I walked on Hollywood Blvd. I saw a man with no legs polishing the stars with his hands. He had a bucket and a cloth and would use his hands to move from star to star. With tattered clothing, unshaven face, long grey hair, and beard he looked homeless and sad. I … Continue reading

I Quoted MLK, Now I Feel Better

I like a good inspirational quote. It comes from a wise voice often from ages ago. It gives a pause for reflection and even a chance to do something differently during the day. The problem is that too often my own inclination is to hear the quote, go “Hmmmm…” and then carry on as if … Continue reading

How to Kill Someone, How to Save Someone

Absolutism in any form has and will continue to kill people one way or another. From political statements and sentiment calling for the death of the President, to calling out all corporations as if they are mythical beasts rather than organizations made of people, absolutism is everywhere. Absolutism is easy. It is also destructive not … Continue reading

Resolutions Create Fear

So the new year is in full swing. 2013: New Beginnings. How are those resolutions going? Still going to the gym to lose 20 pounds for when it’s time to hit the beach? Are you drinking less, eating better, saving money? How long do you think these changed behaviors will last if you actually started … Continue reading

Parenting Without Passion

One of the principles of prayer is to recognize thoughts, emotions, and ideas to which we are attached and then let them go. As the Orthodox Cherubic hymn says, “Let us lay aside all earthly care.” The early church fathers and the monks and mystics through the ages have a similar term for this called … Continue reading

Feel the Music

Maybe the last great garrison of hope for the CD business is closing in France. In protest people are mourning and drawing on the French tradition of “Liberté, égalité, fraternité!” While the loss of Virgin will claim 1,000 or more jobs the French melodramatic spirit is alive and well. We know all about that from … Continue reading

Getting Back

I am getting back to writing a little more. I took a hiatus to work on a dissertation which I completed. I am currently in the process of going through the various twists and turns to completion. I found the beginnings of something that I started back in July. It’s so interesting going back almost … Continue reading