What is a practical philosophy of life? Each one of us has a certain wisdom on which we depend to make decisions and act in the world. We come into the world through different cultures, ethnicities, religions, family backgrounds, and traditions. These all have an impact on who we think we are and how we behave.

But how often do we sit back and take account of those experiences and systems in life that condition our present experiences and actions? Sometimes this kind of philosophical question stops there. We have a tendency is Western pragmatic thinking to come full stop on criticism without taking a step into action. Once we take action we risk fundamental change and that’s scary.

This site is a collection of my thoughts related to both: What is it that conditions our thinking and behaviors the way they are? What are ways we can assess these conditions in order to change our thinking and behaviors to live a better life?

Who cares how good your tires are if they aren’t on the car? A practical philosophy of life puts the tires on the car and puts them to use. It’s a philosophy that wants to go somewhere. You may find out that you don’t like those tires as much as you thought. Then again, they might be the best set of tires you’ve ever driven on.

This is a risk. Any change we seek in ourselves is a risk. But ask a blind person if they had a chance to see for the first time if they would. Chances are good he or she will say yes. Isn’t it worth the risk to see the world more clearly by taking an honest account of ourselves and what made is who we are? Isn’t it worth the risk to live happier, healthier, kinder, and wiser lives.

I took that risk. I’m still taking that risk. So far I’m glad I have. I’m inviting you to give a practical philosophy of life a shot.

Short disclaimer: ANYTHING you read or see here is my responsibility and only mine. Neither Penn State University nor any other organizations with which I am affiliated have any relationship to this site at all.


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