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Greatness Isn’t Entertainment

Most of us probably don’t give a damn about being great.

Rather be aspire to something great – to do what we are doing now better than the day before, to become something greater, to go where only our imagination can take us – most of us sit around waiting for the world to entertain us.

An aspiration is something that literally breathes into us. It is the creative spirit that bids us to make progress to something beyond what we are now – whatever that “now” is.

The notion that there is something more than this moment is as vital as a heartbeat. This basic taproot of life itself is missing somewhere. I have been there. I have been the one who believed he was the director. As long as all of the pieces fit in place and I could choreograph the world around me for the sole purpose of entertaining me, all would be well.

But the show never came off the way I wanted. The world as my stage never existed. The thought that I could direct it was delusional and there is always a price for a delusion. I lost myself because I severed the taproot of greatness that is there in all of us to give us the gift of life. Without breath no one can survive.

The truth is that there is always something greater than ourselves. There is always a group of people, a God, a faith, a motivation, a goal, that is an aspiration to reach.

These aspirations can only change behavior if we start with a foundation in humility. I am not as great as I can be today. I am not as loving, as kind, as helpful, as faithful, as brave as I can be.

The secret is simple: I have to want to be great knowing I will never reach a finite goal. Life is an infinite journey into something greater than I am today. Life is not about being entertained. Living is getting out of the the theater of shadows and entering the sunlight of aspiration that is available for everyone.

The best way to start is to ask: What is one thing to which I can aspire today?

About Andrew Tatusko

Secularization, critical pedagogy, sometimes agnostic, politics, and a ton of running. Penn State is definitely not responsible for what I say.


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