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Resolutions Create Fear

So the new year is in full swing. 2013: New Beginnings.

How are those resolutions going? Still going to the gym to lose 20 pounds for when it’s time to hit the beach? Are you drinking less, eating better, saving money? How long do you think these changed behaviors will last if you actually started them?

To be generous, 15% of people who make a resolution will actually keep it. That resolution was loaded with good intentions, but it was also bullshit. Why do people not keep these resolutions?

They are not goals. If you set a goal in front of you there is some kind of commitment. Write that goal down and put it in a visible spot to bug you every day.

There is no plan. How on earth are you gong to tackle your goal? Change of behavior takes time and just works better with other people. Who can you work with to challenge you and hold you accountable? Are you willing to challenge that person and hold them accountable when they fail.

Do you even want to do it? You think you want to, but a good intention is just an interesting thought. A strong desire to do something requires honesty, open-mindedness, actual willingness to make some life changes. Then you have to do it – immediately.

Most of us won’t have any faith to jump off the precipice. We are afraid. We get so wrapped up in our stuff and way of living that change scares the hell out of us.

Take one of your favorite shirts. Give it away. Today. Jot down how you felt. Then take two more articles of clothing you like the next day. Give those away. Soon you’ll realize you didn’t need all of that stuff in the first place and your fear will start to subside. Once that is done, boom. You can start cleaning house.

Immediate action kills fear. Don’t run away from fear, lean into it like a defensive lineman, then kick its ass.

About Andrew Tatusko

Secularization, critical pedagogy, sometimes agnostic, politics, and a ton of running. Penn State is definitely not responsible for what I say.


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