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All Things Orthodox and Theology Are Moving

I am moving most of the religion content to a new blog at Patheos. It is called Emerging into Orthodoxy. I will be talking about my journey from Catholic to Protestant to Orthodox there. Here is a sample of what I have there already:

Emergent Christianity, as I understand it, is a movement seeking an egalitarian, non-patriarchal ecclesia seeking to eschew the imperial and Greek influence of the early church. It’s an attempt to emerge from older ecclesial structures in order to form new ones that respond to contemporary relational needs. It might seem strange that this movement would lead me directly to the oldest Christian hierarchical, patriarchal communion that overtly presents Byzantine imperialism in its liturgical practice.

Nonetheless this is exactly what happened in my own spiritual journey. Emergent gave me permission to explore in a persistent search for where God was becoming me and calling me. There are other life events that drew me in as well. I’ll refer you here for that. Over the past year the ground I once thought was firm beneath my feet was an illusion forged in my psyche through a life sustained by the pressure of existence itself along with my own irresponsibility. Once the veil of misery was lifted, I found God who had been waiting for me and on the mercy seat of the altar.

I hope you go there and enjoy!

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Secularization, critical pedagogy, sometimes agnostic, politics, and a ton of running. Penn State is definitely not responsible for what I say.


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