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Militant Christianists are All Over the USA

Simple scenario: Private developer puts crosses on a public university tower as part of the design. Professor registers a complaint that the crosses be removed sue to separation of church and state concerns. University agrees to remove crosses and life goes on normally for everyone. Right? Wrong.

As the debate played out over church-state issues, Bradford started to receive threatening e-mails. One of the e-mails reflects the tone. It started with: “As a professor, do you have the right to live?” And it described Bradford ending up in a coffin, concluding “After that you will reign with your father Satan.” That e-mail message and a series of others were turned over to the university police department, Bradford said.

via Adjunct loses courses after going public about threats she received | Inside Higher Ed.

To boot professor Bradford was removed from her fall classes. Think of the basic psychology here. It demonstrates how feeble of a people we are if we can’t stand up for the right of everyone to speak their truth in the public square without fear of getting killed. Once violence wins, free speech is lost.

This is like rewarding a crying child with candy or an angry dog with a steak. How can we expect to engage civil dialogue when the most vile of violent voices seem to get reinforced by our collective passivity?

Bradford had a legitimate claim. Now she has no courses to teach. In between we have religious nuts who use violence to get their way like whining brats. They need a fair punishment to stop their uncivil behavior. Rather the only one punished is the criminology teacher.

What a strange land we live in where we don’t tolerate an unpopular and peaceful complaint but cave-in to the snarling desires of a bunch of brats. Perhaps they should spend more time reading their bibles rather than using them as stones with which to cast judgment.

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