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TBN Swindles People’s Money, Are We Really That Surprised?

Crouch granddaughter faced retribution - Local - The Orange County Register

Be careful who you hire to manage your financial records especially if it’s your granddaughter who happens to have a conscience.

The Aug. 30 memo she and her husband wrote to grandfather Paul Crouch Sr. – detailing their concerns upon taking the jobs of finance director and secretary – objected to “the ownership and personal use of TBN’s luxury jets, TBN directors setting their own interest rates on money they were personally investing with TBN, wrongfully reporting nonexistent donations for corporations, excessive daily ‘business’ meals, the fact that TBN was not reporting director Matthew Crouch’s income on its tax returns to avoid disclosure of his affiliation with TBN while Matthew Crouch was receiving money from a film company through TBN, the free ‘parsonages’ that TBN provided to all of its directors and other officers without proper reporting … fictitious ‘rent’ that TBN paid to TBN directors for the non-existent use of their house, and several other matters,” the declaration says.

via Crouch granddaughter faced retribution – Local – The Orange County Register.

It’s just evil when religious people steal from desperate people looking for answers in their lives. It’s another evil when you shun someone in your family who has a conscience and cares about telling the truth. We wonder why Christians look stupid to those who are walking away from it in droves.

America, can we learn to stop feeding these beasts already?

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