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Let Them Fail

Life can often get out of control and unmanageable beyond our circumstances. Even when it does and tragedy strikes, personal responsibility never changes.

There are consequences for things that we wither participated in creating or are just part of the social environments in which we find ourselves. Consequences sometimes suck. Be that as it may, consequences teach us how to act and react in a more healthy way the next time unmanageably strikes us. This includes failing a class when life seems to have blocked you from passing.

Sally should fail because she did not complete the work; she did not learn what the course proposed to teach; she was not educated. If the university allows Sally to pass, we will be failing her in a much more serious way: we will be failing her as an institution that is deeply committed to learning, failing her as mentors, failing her as human beings. via Some college students deserve failing grades (essay) | Inside Higher Ed.

Education is more than a degree or a grade. It is about the cultivation of the human mind, heart, and spirit. This means that we need to fail and let others fail. Failure is a part of life and no one is entitled to succeed. Success takes effort. Excellence takes a great deal of effort.

No one is perfect and living under the delusion that we can attain perfection makes us sick. Our failures keep us in check that perfection is unattainable. The good news is that progress is always in our grasp at every moment we are aware.

About Andrew Tatusko

Secularization, critical pedagogy, sometimes agnostic, politics, and a ton of running. Penn State is definitely not responsible for what I say.


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