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Version 2.0

You may remember Notes from Off Center in a previous instance. If you do, it’s back… sort of. If you don’t even better because you’re new and this is all fresh.

What you won’t find here are arguments and the forced attempt at some hot “new” religious idea.

What you will find here are a few honest and pithy thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis. Maybe it will be a picture. A comment on an interesting article. Maybe the occasional poem or taste of humor.

Mostly it will be my observations of how strange society really is and how beautiful it can be at the same time.

In the year I have taken off writing anything I have had to get deeply honest with myself and others for a groundswell of reasons I may also share here as time goes on. In that year I have been given a new chance at life and for that I am grateful.

This is gratitude from the observations of Drew Tatusko 2.0. I hope it helps you in as much as I think it will help me.


About Andrew Tatusko

Secularization, critical pedagogy, sometimes agnostic, politics, and a ton of running. Penn State is definitely not responsible for what I say.


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